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Yedidya - A Novel in Weekly Installments

Based on the shiurim of Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis | Written by Naomi Elbinger
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I haven't read a novel in years, but this one is different. Yedidya is both a gripping story and a profound, uplifting exploration of what it means to be a faithful Jew in the modern world. - Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger: Author, the Guidelines halachah series


Meet Yedidya Steinhart: a typical yeshiva bachur, or at least he would like to be. He's left behind a tough childhood in New York and is determined to make it at an elite Jerusalem yeshiva.

But then two unexpected events turn his world upside down: first, he is visited by an apparent nevuah ketanah, a "small prophecy" as described in the Talmud; second, he is falsely accused of a serious crime, with devastating consequences.

Yedidya's quest for redemption brings unlikely friends, mentors, and adventures, as well as illuminating discoveries about happiness and faith through the ups and downs of real life.


This novel, in addition to being an enjoyable and inspiring read, will also be a way to imbue oneself with vital Torah lessons for life.

Rabbi Zev Leff

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Gedola Matisyahu

This engrossing novel brings to life Torah perspectives on Emunah in challenging times  as never before.

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer,

No. 1 Bestselling Author

In this difficult Corona period, Rav Daniel Travis is once again providing Klal Yisrael with unique insights into Emunah. I believe Yedidya will prove to be an instant classic.

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

International Speaker and Torah Educator

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Yedidya would never have gone out for his birthday had Eli not turned up in the beis midrash that evening, unexpected and unannounced.

“Tonight’s the night, Didya,” said Eli in a voice loud enough to make all the surrounding guys look up. “We’re going out to eat the biggest burger in Jerusalem!”

Yedidya was torn between a yearning for the safe harbor of his Gemara and deep ties of loyalty. The deciding factor, however, was the way his fellow students stared at Eli, whose biceps were distinctly chiseled beneath his T-shirt sleeves, his hair gelled to a sharp point at the front, and his black velvet yarmulke surfing the carefully combed waves. He was not the typical guy that the elite students of Rabbi Bregger’s yeshiva spent their free time with. Yedidya could only think of one way to get him out of there fast.

“I’ll just get my hat and jacket,” he said quickly.

“Goes without saying,” said Eli. “Meet me outside in eighty-seven seconds or I’m going after you.”

Just One More Question

You're probably wondering...

Why is Yedidya a Digital Serial Instead of a traditional print book?

Since the Coronavirus crisis began, so much Torah learning has gone digital. Yedidya is the first Torah book to be published digitally, but we expect that others will follow our trend, as the Corona slowdown is raising barriers to traditional publishing and book-buying. 

We believe that the serial format fits with today's reading habits, which tend more towards bite-sized installments, such as magazines and parsha sheets. Many book-lovers lament they don't have time to sit and read a whole book, and they're looking for reading material that fits more naturally with their schedules. 

Yedidya installments are professionally formatted for easy printing, just like your favorite parsha sheets. We welcome your feedback!

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