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Our vision for Yedidya was that it would be both an enthralling story and a sefer containing powerful Torah messages. It’s an innovative idea and we are very curious to hear from YOU about how enjoyable and effective this concept has been for you personally.

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Everyone who fills out this feedback form will be instantly rewarded with exclusive bonus content – a fun deleted scene featuring Yedidya and Gedalia, and an illuminating video by Rabbi Travis about how you can apply the deeper meaning of Yedidya in your own life.

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* Tell us about your experience reading the book.

* What is the main spiritual idea that you have taken away from Yedidya and how has it impacted your life?

* In what ways does Yedidya change during the course of the story – and why do you think he changes?

* Who is your favorite character and why?

Any other Yedidya topic that inspires you is also fine.

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